Picuki: The most trending Instagram viewer and editor

Picuki The most trending Instagram viewer and editor

In today’s world of digitalization and media, every person is running for fame and business. People use different tools, social media, and apps to get popular and expand their business. Instagram is one of those social media that is very famous among people and nowadays it is in full trend. There will be no person who does not have an account on Instagram. In order to enhance the business and market of one’s product, a businessman always needs a larger audience. For this purpose, they may require an additional application that can increase the beauty and relevance of their product. There are numerous websites that help in editing, resizing, reshaping, and digitalizing images in the market. But in order to use the majority of them, you must first create an account. There are a few websites where you do not need to create an account to enjoy their services for free and indefinitely. Picuki is one of them. Let us get to know more about Picuki, its features, and how to use it. And much more.

Features provided by Picuki

Picuki is the best tool to be used by people because it provides number of interesting features. There can be a long list of its features. But only a few remarkable ones are mentioned below.

Photo Editing

Besides all of the other features, photo editing is the most popular and aggressively used. With the help of the photo editing feature of Picuki, one can easily edit and modify their photos and make them look as they like them to see.

Trending on Instagram

The other most remarkable feature of Picuki is that it has made the trending on Instagram possible. One can easily explore the latest trending content on Instagram.

No need to log in

The other most important feature that has made it popular among people is that Picuki can be used without any need to get logged in. The user does not need any account or registration to use Picuki.

A complete guide to using Picuki

A question usually arises in people’s minds if there is no need to create an account and log in on Picuki, how to use Picuki? The answer is very simple. Here is a step to step guide about how to use Picuki.

  • The person who wants to use Picuki needs to download the app on his device.
  • If someone does not want to download an extra app on his device, he can also use Picuki by simply visiting its website.

Website link for Picuki:


  • Here the bar will appear asking the username of the person whose story you want to view. Simply enter the username and press the “ENTER” button or click on the “SEARCH” button.
  • On clicking the search button user’s profile information and stories will come. You can click on the stories button to go into the details of the stories available.
  • Within each of the stories, one can also find a download button to download and save the required content.
  • The content will be directly saved into the user’s device. That can be easily visualized later on.

Pros of using Picuki

Totally Free: one can use Picuki free of cost. He does not need to pay a penny to avail the services of Picuki.

User friendly: while using Picuki a user does not need to bother to click on unwanted or irrelevant content. It is totally user friendly.

Easy to use: Once you get started with Picuki it will make you go through it easily and smoothly.

No need for an account: some websites demand an account to use the tool. A person first needs to log in to the account before using the application. Picuki is free of all these unnecessary things.

No need for any registration: registration is an extra and time consuming step that is mandatory for some tools to use their services. But Picuki does not demand registration or any other additional step.  

Safe to use: it does not need personal information or data to be entered before using it. So it is totally safe to use

Simple to manage: it is a very simple tool even a layman person who does not know much details about the websites can use it easily.

Attractive interface: Picuki has an attractive interface that catches the user’s eye.

Comprehensive search capabilities: Picuki provides its users with comprehensive search capabilities that help the user promote their task and make it more attractive to the audience.

Ability to schedule posts: with the help of Picuki user can schedule their posts for future.              

Time saving: making an account and then logging into it is a time taking procedure. Picuki does not require any account or registration in this way it is time saving.


Picuki is a very good tool for viewing and downloading instagram stories anonymously. It is flourished with number of features and advantages that help the users achieve their goal in time.  

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