How to Piso wifi pause

How to Piso wifi pause

In the world of the internet, everything is now easy to approach with just one click. There are different tools that are available to provide the users with internet. Initially, there were Wired connections, but several wireless connections are now available with advancement.

Wifi connections, hotspot facilities, and many others are much prevalent. All persons don’t need to consume their net connection 24/7 depending upon their need of utilization. So in order to reduce the cost of internet connection, to save battery or to avoid any other inconvenience here we are going to introduce a new feature that is piso wifi pause.

Piso wifi pause

piso wifi pause is a most advanced feature launched by internet services providers (ISP) to interrupt or disconnect your internet connection for a required time period. So that the consumption of your internet package can be reduced.

This is a very very attractive feature for the users who don’t wish to utilize their net package at one go. This feature has made the web connection affordable to its users. A person can easily reconnect to their network whenever needed.

Enabling Piso wifi pause

If someone wants to apply this feature of Piso wifi pause he just needs to follow a few steps mentioned below

  • The user just needs to go to his admin site by simply typing in the address bar.
  • Here the user has to enter his username and password to get signed in to his admin account.
  • After getting signed in, just click the general settings icon on the dashboard’s top left corner.
  • There will be many options. One just needs to click on the ‘’pause time/auto-pause on boot’’ from the options.
  • By clicking on this option Piso wifi pause time will be enabled.
  • Once the Piso wifi pause is enabled, exit the site and log in again to the admin account. Follow the same steps. This time you will see the pause button visible on your screen.
  • You can pause your internet connection for the required time period by simply clicking on this pause button.
  • The Internet can be suspended for a few seconds to many hours.

This is how Piso wifi pause is made functional.

Popularity and advantages of Piso wifi pause

Piso wifi originated in the Philippines.

  • It is cost-effective and within an affordable range for every person.
  • It is easy to use and handle
  • It is widely available such as in public places, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, homes, and business areas across the country.
  • It is easily accessible, simple and user-friendly.


In the under developed and developing countries where the economic conditions and salaries of the citizens are not so high, Piso wifi pause provides a best way to afford the internet bundles. With the use of this feature a person can make his internet available whenever needed and disconnect it when it is not in use.

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