What Business Industries Are Best For Localization?


Although you can promote any type of business in any country in the world. Given that there is a demand for such products or services within that region. However, to effectively market your product and services, you need to be able to speak the language of your target audience. For example, you need to present case studies relevant to them, be aware of their cultural nuances, and cater to them according to their needs. 

What I have briefly explained above can be achieved through professional localization services. However, certain industries are more profitable to take global than others. Of course, the same formula does not apply to everyone. Individual exceptions are always there and will always be there. But we can get a generic idea of what to do and expect. 

The internet and technology have rapidly changed how we conduct business, market our products, and generally make informed decisions in life. Well, one major change was the shift of businesses to the online world. Now your website is like your business card or online representation. Hence, hiring the best website localization services provider is paramount to your success on a global scale. One website can target billions of people, through various language inputs and the right localization. You can grow your business anywhere in the world, without setting up a physical shop. 

Best Industries for Localization

Industries are listed randomly, and the order has no impact on popularity. 

Software and Technology

I am sure you guys were expecting this one. Given the high profit potential to low cost of investment ratio, software localization is on the rise. Take the example of Netflix and Airbnb, who have availed the best website localization services out there. Without localization, these companies would not reach the global heights they currently have. Localization of SaaS products can also be a legal requirement.


The Amazon effect is by far the most influential one. Jeff Bezos has proven that online stores can earn you millions of dollars with the right setup. Search engines like Google allow you massive reach, and social media allows you affordable marketing all over the world. The best website localization services will provide multiple language support, UI changes, payment method updates, and so much more for your target audience preferences. On a small scale, Chinese companies dominate this type of market.


No matter how good your game is, without reach and effective marketing communication, it will not reach its full potential. Take PubG as an example of good professional localization services for gaming. H1Z1 is the original PubG concept that was localized by a former game developer of H1Z1. PubG gained global dominance because of its localized marketing. There are many such examples, such as Angry Birds, CS-GO, etc. 

Media Content

Movies, seasons, documentaries, and related content forms can reach global audiences through multimedia localization. This includes subbing, dubbing, and more. Take the example of the hit TV show ‘Money Heist’, which is available in multiple languages. It is one of the most-watched TV shows in history. You can also go back in time to movies like Shaolin Soccer. There is a lot of data that supports localizing your movies, seasons, and related content forms for better profits. 

E-Learning and Education

If you are a good teacher and successful in your home country. Moreover, your courses are proven result-oriented forms of content. You can expand your e-learning platform’s reach and profits by availing of professional localization services. Such services involve things like translating education materials, admission forms, adapting teaching methods, and marketing materials. You can see such examples on YouTube channels commonly. The cheapest form of such localization is subbing. 


The healthcare and well-being industry is huge all over the world. You can ignore a lot of things in life, but your health is not one of them. Medical device manufacturers, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies use localization to increase their reach and sales. This also includes user manuals, medical documents, prescriptions, labeling, and more. Take the example of Turkey, who have many dental practitioners utilizing medical tourism. 

Consumer Products and Retail

This is one of the more obvious industries on our list. We are all familiar with Coke, for instance, which localizes all their marketing efforts. Product localization can involve product labeling, symbol changes, branding, and more. It is nearly impossible to market a consumer product without localizing it first. Unilever, Nestle, McDonald’s, and many more are real-life examples of localization efforts done right.


The industries mentioned above are some examples of localization. You can virtually localize any type of business, as long as there is a demand for it in the target region. Moreover, localization is a long-term effort that ranks you on search engines and gives you the base for expansion. There are countless such examples, and localization is all around us. You just have to be aware of it to figure it out. 

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