Qureka Banners; How do they work and how can they help you in your business?

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In this article, we are going to take a look at Qureka banners. Whether you’re an ad agency or digital marketer, or just want to learn more about the latest trends in advertising, here’s what you need to know.

First of all, we must know what Querka Banners are.

Qureka Banners

Qureka Banners are the most popular form of interactive digital advertising, that aims to engage users by providing them with a fun, engaging quiz or game. Unlike traditional ads that are easy to miss, a Qureka banner stands out and provides an unforgettable user experience. In other words you can say that Querka Banner is An interactive banner ad that is a type of digital advertising that is designed to engage users with a question, quiz, or game.

What’s the difference between a banner ad and a display ad?

The difference between a banner and a display ad is that a banner ad is designed to capture the attention of the user, while a display ad doesn’t.

Qureka banners, on the other hand, are static banner ads that don’t have a call to action. Instead, they offer users a fun, interactive experience where they can take part in quizzes, or games. When you offer users something fun, interactive, and engaging, you’ll see a higher engagement rate, a longer dwell time, and better conversion rates.

Working principle of Qureka Banner

A Qureka banner is an interactive banner ad that invites users to participate in a game, quiz, or answer a question by displaying it at the top of the page. It’s designed to grab users’ attention by providing an interactive and engaging experience, resulting in a higher engagement and conversion rate.

User Interaction

The user engages with Qureka by answering questions, participating in a game, or taking part in a quiz. These questions or games are typically related to the advertised product or service. For instance, if Qureka is promoting a car brand, Qureka’s quiz questions are likely related to the car’s features or specs.


Once the user has completed a quiz or game, he or she is asked to submit his or her answers. When he or she submits his or her answers, he or she will be directed to a landing page, where he or she will learn more about the advertised product/service. The landing page typically includes more brand information, offers, and CTA’s that direct the user to make a purchase or take a follow up action.

Performance Tracking

Advertisers and marketers can use a variety of analytics tools to measure Qureka banner effectiveness and performance. Google Analytics, for example, provides insights on engagement, dwell time and user behavior, as well as conversion rates.

Creation of the Qureka banners

These are created by a web developer or website owner who knows how to code. There are a number of tools and platforms that can be used to create and customize your Qureka banner. Some of these tools include:

  • Bannerwise
  • Google Web Designer
  • Canva

Features of Qureka Banners

Huge variety of topics

Qureka Banner offers quizzes on a wide variety of topics. Whether you’re passionate about history, passionate about science, or passionate about pop culture, you’ll find questions that perfectly match your interests.With so many options, it’s easy to stay engaged and motivated to explore a new knowledge domain.

Qureka Banner’s reward system

One of Qureka’s most impressive features is its unique reward system. You’ll find cash prizes and gift cards in every quiz and game you play. It’s a great way to reward yourself for improving your knowledge and accomplishments.

The Gamified Learning Experience

The use of gamification has proven to be an effective way to increase the success of learning activities. With the integration of gaming elements in the learning process, it is possible to create an environment of active participation, develop critical thinking skills, and enhance problem solving capabilities. By introducing interactive and engaging elements in the learning environment, retention of information increases significantly, taking advantage of people’s natural desire to engage with engaging and participating content

Expand Knowledge Horizons

With the wide variety of topics available on the platform, users have the opportunity to explore knowledge areas that they may not have explored before.


In short we can say that Qureka banners are an innovative way to engage users and drive higher engagement rates. These are Unique and fun creating that take on traditional digital advertising which Improves user experience. It also Increasing brand awareness. It can attract highly engaged users and can strengthen their message.a

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