Uses of YT5s and its advantages

Uses of YT5s and its advantages

Do you want to see the YouTube video? Of course yes. YouTube provides a huge number of videos and every one in his daily routine needs to watch these videos. What happens if you don’t have an active internet connection when you want to watch the video?

You can see your desireded videos whenever you want either you have active internet connection or not. For this purpose you just need a connection for once. You can download your desired content anytime online through the YT5s.

 YT5s is an online tool that is freely available to download videos from YouTube.

Advantages of YT5s

There are so many advantages of YT5s. Few of these are enlisted below

User friendly

YT5s is very user friendly, as it is easy to use.

Very Speedy

YT5s gives results within seconds. But it may also depend upon user’s net connection. If net is good then YT5sdoes not even take a minute to load your required content. The transfer speed is 1GB per second.

Vast Variety of formats

YT5s provides its users with the feasibility to download their desired video in any format. For example one can get his or her video in MP4, MP3, WEBM, 3GP, WMA, M4A, FLV, and MO etc formats

Unlimited number of downloads

YT5s does not have any limit of downloading the content. You can download your videos 24/7 without any restriction and limitations, it does not keep the record of your downloads to limits your number of downloads. So person can download videos from YouTube without any limit through this tool.

Security and Safety of the downloaded content

Content that the person downloads through this tool is totally free of any virus and ambiguous material that can harm your device. The system of this tool regularly check for the malwares or any viruses to prevent their users from any hindrance

Quality of videos

Videos downloaded from this tool are of the same quality as selected by the user. It does not change the quality of the video.

Supporting devices

Almost all devices are supported by YT5s. These include

  • Windows
  • Mac or Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone etc

Free of cost

The tool is always free and it is hundred percent. It will also remain free throughout. So this is the best advantage of this tool that the user does not need to pay any sort of charges for downloading the content.

Sources of videos

YT5s tool support all the YouTube video either from any source or social networks for example

  • Face book
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • Twitch
  • Soundcloud

How to work with YT5s

Working with YT5s is very easy and convenient. There are only few that one has to follow in order to download YouTube video through YT5s

Step 1: Search the video

The very first step to download the video is to find out the video that you want to watch. You can search it in YouTube. Once you have found your desiring video let’s move towards the second step.

Step 2: Copy he URL or video link

Second step is to copy the URL of the video that you want to watch. Once the link is copies move towards the third step.

Step 3: Navigate to YT5s

Now open YT5s in a new tab and paste the link of the video you initially copied from the YouTube or any other source.

Step 4: Download the video and enjoy

Once the link is copied in the given bar of YT5s site, press the drop down button it will shoe you different formats of video. Select the appropriate or required format of the video and press the button download. Your video will immediately start downloading.


YT5s is an easy and user friendly tool that provides the user with high level of ease and convenience. Here the user not only can download the video but also convert it into desirous format. By downloading the video with the help of YT5s a person can watch it even when he does not have an active internet connection.

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