Polk audio buckle: Some of its unique features

Polk audio buckle Some of its unique features

Polk audio buckle seems to be a different name but is attractive one. Polk audio is actually a name of the company that uniquely designers the headphone which were then named as Polk audio buckle. Polk audio buckle is a unique headphone that has many specifying features which discriminate it from other headphones and make it worth buying and worth using. It is an outstanding product available in different colors. It is amazingly designed to meet the needs of the user while using.

Items that come along with the headphones

  • A removable Audio cable
  • A pouch
  • A unique adapter (1/4 inch gold adapter)
  • A manual: to understand how to use and wear the Polk audio buckle head phones


Design of the product

It is an outstanding product available in different color combinations

Black on silver color combination

Brown and white color combination

Both colors suits to the product very well


Each side of the head phone has a full power driver of 40mm. it generates the sound of variable quality. It has a 24 Ohm impedance level. The frequency range of the unique adapter is from 10 Hz to 21.5 kHz.

Sound quality

The driver of the buckle is able to generate the sound of diverse range and quality in different as well as similar styles. Over all the sound quality of the buckle is very clear and impressive. User enjoys the sound and music from the device.


There is a soft cushioning of velvet all around the ear cups to provide comfort and soft touch to the users. A person can use this Polk audio buckle for a long time of duration without any discomfort. Cushions provide a high level of ease in carrying the buckles over ears. While some users discuss that there is little thinning of the soft material over the head side of the buckle that can cause harshness after a use of a week or so. Some extra cushioning material could make it more convenient to use.


A thin wired cable comes along with the packing of the Polk audio buckle. The wire is tangled-resistant material.  Due to this property of tangled resistant one can stay almost tension free regarding catching up of the cord all around itself. It is 48 inches in length and at its termination there is a jack. The jack is about 2.5mm in size. There is also a built in microphone in the jack that is totally invisible and extra sensitive.


The more significant and a unique feature of the Polk audio buckle is its built-in feature of iOS control dial. The whole system is incorporated inside the metal arm. These headphones perform best when used with I phone or I pad or an apple gadget. These headphones immediately connect with the iOS device in no moment. They follow the command sharply and briskly. You can fine difficulty in connectivity while using the same headphone with other devices like android.


  • The size o the cable is of bi issue. It is not large enough to accommodate a laptop from a distance. One has to buy an extension lead for this purpose.
  • Lack of cushioning material on the head side of the ear pad.
  • After a long use of the Polk audio buckle it causes soreness around the head.
  • The jack from one side is fragile one need to replace it after continuous use of few months with a new one. It becomes loose after a long time of use.
  • Some users also complaint about the quality of the sound. They feel difficulty in differentiating sounds when multiple contents are playing.
  • The device is not easy to carry along with on the long journey.
  • The Polk audio buckle finds difficulty in connecting with devices other than I phone. One not needs to buy Polk audio buckle if he is using android or any other device other than apple product.


  • Most comfortable
  • Tight adjustable fit to the ears and head
  • Good quality sound music
  • Attractive designs
  • Affordable price range


At the end it is concluded that besides the cons of Polk audio buckle its advantages are more than its disadvantages. And users that are in long contact with Polk audio buckle are really comfortable with it and feel difficulty in using any other device.

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