Gramhir: An easily assessable free tool for analyzing Instagram profiles


It is a world of competition. Everybody is in a rush to become the most popular and best. One cannot compete successfully in the market without knowing the existence of his competitors. There is a need for a tool that can tell about the fame and popularity of others in media. If you are also searching for such type of tool then you are in the right place. Here we are going to introduce an outstanding tool that keeps you knowing the popularity of your own Instagram profile as well as your competitor’s profile. Instagram is the most common social media tool that is used by people nowadays. Everyone wants more likes, comments, and followers on their stories and posts. In order to know about the status of other’s profiles on Instagram here is the most reliable tool named Gramhir.


Gramhir is the most reliable online tool that provides detailed information about the required Instagram profile. It was previously known as Gramho. It helps you analyze how popular the Instagram account is. It tells the details of the required account, including the likes, followers, how old the account is and its actual statistics. That can brilliantly help the person in assessing the actual status of his competitor’s profile.

Distinctive features of Gramhir

Gramhir is occupied with a number of features that make it distinctive from other tools used for the same purpose.

Making the comparison of accounts possible

With the help of Gramhir, one can easily analyze and visualize the status of one’s Instagram profile and his own profile. In this way, one can find it so simple to compare his profile with his competitors. So, one can easily improve his profile to make it up to the level to compete in the market.

Deeply analyzing the account

Gramhir deeply elaborates on the details of the given account. It details so many things one may want to know about another’s account. These include the likes, comments, posts, videos, followers, and the period of the given account.

Anonymous analysis

Gramhir provides an anonymous view of the other’s accounts, which means no one can get to know who is watching his account or keeping an eye on one’s daily activity, posts, tagging, and sharing.

Free services

One of the best things about Gramhir is that it is free to use. One can freely watch others’ profiles and keep tracking someone’s account without bringing it to the person’s notice.

No registration required

For using Gramhir, one does not need any registration or account. Simply going to the website and entering the person’s username is sufficient to occupy Gramhir’s features.

Drawbacks of using Gramhir

No mobile app is available

There is no registered app for Gramhir. A person cannot download the app and use it. He must always go to the website to use its features thoroughly.

Limited features

Some people have addressed that Gramhir has a limited number of features. People try to use an app that is fully equipped with all the features.

Unsafe to use

It may be unsafe to someone else’s data. Instagram’s policies can prevent such websites from interfering with user profiles. Due to this the user may be unable to visit the site.

Violation of Instagram’s Terms of Service

If any user leads to the violation of terms and services of Instagram, then this can lead to the suspension or termination of one’s Instagram account.

Alternatives to Gramhir

Several online tools are readily available, providing the same services as that of Gramhir. Few of the top tools are mentioned below.

  • Insta inspector
  • Insta lookup
  • Insta analyzer
  • Webstagram
  • Insta spy
  • Insta viewer
  • Profile stats
  • Profile analyzer
  • Statigram
  • Social blade


Overall Gramhir is a good tool for visualizing instgram profiles for business or competition purpose. There are several thousand users which are using this website for the promotion and popularity of their profiles and business.

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