99 math: An innovative and creative way to learn math

It is estimated that about 60 percent of the people find math’s as a difficult subject. One cannot memorize the questions of Math as such there is always a formula or logic behind every question of math. It is considered that always high level of intelligence and concentration is required to solve math questions. Only good memory is not enough in dealing with math problems.

Are you also weak in math? Or find difficulty in solving math’s problem. Do not get worried. Here we are to bring an innovative app that will not only help you in solving math questions but will also help you in learning the basics of math formulas. It is 99 math. Let me first introduce you about 99 math, then we will move forwards towards its advantages and features.

What is 99math?

99maths is a very interesting platform that provides its users with math games that help the student to boost their math skills and understanding. Or we can say that it allows its users to practice math and understand math facts through a wide range of math games.

 Features of 99math

99 math is very exciting tool that engages its users along with fun and learning. There are several features of this tool some are described below.

  • It does not require any subscription or user’s account to use 99 math.
  • Signing up on the site it shows a bar for the various types of skill. One just needs to choose the appropriate skill. Once the skill is chosen the tool automatically generates the problem that the person needs to solve.
  • The problem is keenly designed according to the category of skill chosen by the user in order to improve the user learning and education.
  • It can be supported by any device chromebook, I pad, or any other device.

99 math and teachers

Teachers find this tool very useful in helping their students to learn math. A teacher can play live game in a classroom or assign a task to be done at home. With the help of this tool a teacher can also assign a task or teach his or her student from distance. The teacher will design a problem and a code will be generated. This code will be shared to the students, student have to put this code to the game to initiate a puzzle. On completing the game the score will be allocated that can be visualized by the teacher.

99 math and students

A student can individually learn several math problems through 99 math. It can be done at school as well as at home.

Advantages of 99 math

  • The tool is useful for students as well as for the teachers. This tool has made learning math very easy.
  • It is totally free to play learning math games on 99math.
  • No subscription or account is required to engage in 99math.
  • It builds the understanding of the person, increases the fluency and knowledge about math.
  • One can play thousands of game here without any limit.
  • It provides fun along with learning. This feature makes it very attractive.
  • Students get motivated immediately after watching the score of their game.


99math is getting popular day by day because of its unique feature of making students to understand math with fun. Understanding, learning and teaching math is now become a very easier task with the help of this tool. it is not only beneficial for students, learners, beginners but also useful for teachers and instructors. All must try this tool, there is no wastage of time.

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