Trenton Thornton: The real story of road rage murder incident

Trenton Thornton

Murder of Edward Patrick by Trenton Thornton is getting very viral now a days but before going into the detail of the real story of the road rage murder of Edward Patrick let us have a brief look over the road rage murder incidents.

Road rage

Road rage is actually aggressive or one can say very angry behavior shown by motorists. These behaviors can be of any type including multiple behaviors like rude and verbal insults, yelling, physical threats, or dangerous, inadequate, and improper driving methods targeted at other drivers, motorists, pedestrians, or cyclists. These actions are usually taken just to frighten others or release frustration.

Road rage can lead to various serious conditions including altercations, damage to property, assaults, and collisions that result in serious physical injuries or even death.

Now a days the road rage murder of Edward Patrick is under severe discussion.

Who was Patrick Edwards?

The victim of the whole incident was Patrick Edwards. Let us throw some light about his life. Patrick Edwards was born on 25th October 1988. He was a good football player and a former wide receiver in American football. He played football as a wide receiver for the University of Houston and was named the Conference USA Offensive Player of the Year in 2011. It is very sad that Patrick Edwards dies at the very young age of just 32 years. He was murdered by Trenton Thornton in a road rage accident.

Introduction and Biography of Trenton Thornton

The exact date of birth, complete name, birth city, schooling, and family history of Trenton Thornton are not fully known. It is found that Trenton Thornton was at the age of almost 32 when he murdered Patrick’s Edward. Web does not provide enough data regarding Trenton Thornton

Murder story

Patrick Edwards was shot and killed by Trenton Thornton in a road rage incident in Mobile, Alabama in February 2020. Thornton fired the deadly shots from inside his car, hitting Edwards three or four times through the glass. It was noted that Edwards followed Thornton’s vehicle to Gulf Field Drive and walked towards him to challenge him. Taking advantage of this Trenton Thornton Lawer defended his client in court that he had shot the victim in self defense but the court did not get convinced. And Thornton was charged with murder, firing into an occupied vehicle, and fleeing the crime scene. He is currently awaiting trial for the murder of Patrick Edwards.

Statement of the Patrick Edwards brother

Murdering a human is a bad deed. It throws a negative impact on the community and society. The attempt of murder by Trenton Thornton was also a very illegal act. For which he was sentenced to ten years. Patrick Edwards’s brother named “Azell Edwards” said about the murder of his brother that “the crime which happened to my brother was totally senseless, my brother did not deserve that much.”

Was Trenton Thornton in jail?

Initially, according to some pieces of information, Trenton Thornton was just in status for awaiting trial for the murder of Patrick Edwards. Due to his big crime, he was immediately arrested in the first week of February 2020 after he targeted Patrick Edward with gunshots in Mobile, Alabama. The Mobile police located Thornton the next day and took him into custody. He was kept in the Mobile County Metro Jail. As per reports, he was charged with murder, firing into an occupied vehicle, and running out of the crime scene. His bond was set to $140,000. It is unclear whether he paid the bail amount or he is still in jail. There is also some news about his death. Most of the facts about the incident are still unclear.

Is Trenton Thornton dead or alive?

There are several news regarding the death of Trenton Thornton on social media publications on Twitter. But we cannot be deadly sure about this death because there were no health problems, accidents, or other causes of death found which can be related to the death. It is also recorded that Trenton’s family and friends have suffered a lot from Trenton’s death.

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